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Fiction by Lily Hoang
"Dance of an Old Monk"
Music by Suchoon Mo
The Creative  by John BarbatoThe Receptive

That you if you are in your mind flexible that I see you for great success & I want you to know that even if dragons fight in the meadow the right one will be victorious & there your decisions are easily deciphered.

Earth over Earth two columns forming image of earth dividing open self for change image of soil funneling inward soil dry soil like black salt marking time in an hourglass welcoming evolution to begin all over again.

You lover you have seen so many changing lands that you lived in the city of heat & you lived in the city of perpetual rain & now lover you are here with me in the flatland & tell me where shall us lovers go from here?

Image of Mother young with hair black lush down her back & smiling images of Mother are always full of teeth & Mother she is in white & she with her eyes shading to hide something shading to hide simple joyous.

Little girl going with her mother traveling from the city of heat to the city of humid & little girl with her mother she is goes to the city of humid to see the lady of fortune & she will read from the great changing book.

& I am telling you that this is where you should start here at the bottom that for me to be authentic you must start at the bottom & read to the top & I am offering you help but I know you will read this however you want.

But if you are in your mind always firm that I have for you great concern but I want to make certain that you understand that I am no teller of fates that I’m a storyteller but sometimes I become confused & tell fates.

Little girl sitting with the lady of fortune & little girl with holding in her little hand six lines some straight & some broken & the lady reading to little girl her little fortune & little girl in her head rearranging words.

& Jack said Jill will you go with me up the hill to fetch a pail of water & Jill said I’m feeling kind of tired Jack & Jack said But it’ll be fun & Jill said I think I’d rather stay in & Jack said I’ll give you a dollar.

That you if you are in your mind flexible I will try to explain this that this is not the book of changes but this is a translation & there have been many translations & I will try to be as truthful to the real as is possible.

Mother & Father coming here from the country of heat from the country that was their home coming here to a land without their language a land with coldness & Mother & Father bowing heads complicitly.

All this heat & it is hot & hotness & sweating & it’s difficult to inhale & sticky oppression & the earth opening & with all this heat it is impossible for growth it is hard to continue but even you must forge on.

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