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Fiction by Andrew S. Taylor
Music by Steve Kane

The Company by DK McDonald

The Seven Faces of Assassin:
1. The Company


       It may be possible for corporations of the future to use human brains as nodes for rapid calculation within a greater brain-network. Vast amounts of data will be downloaded into each brain via wireless connections to microchip implants, along with requisite sorting algorithms. This will occur during sleep. In the landscape of dreams, the algorithms will become secret identities, and the data will become narratives of love and war. In our dreams of conquest and sexual union, in our secret alcoves and grand glass castles, we will be performing valuable work for the Company without even realizing it. Each subroutine will complete its task with orgasmic or spiritual climax. Our dreams will carry over into our waking life, and colonize our imaginations and daily fantasies. As we dream and desire, and plan our lives accordingly, we will be performing valuable work for the Company.

       (The linearity re-appears with each quarter-turn. Aisles after aisles after aisles. Florescent airships fly in formation. The air hums. The holes in the ceiling are singing. The room is full of aisles and the aisles are full of containers. The aisles are parameters for human movement, for containers that move. Every single object in the room may be touched at length, except for the people. Every single object in the room is dead, except for the people. There is nothing to be gained from touching the living – it will overwhelm your senses and confound your capacity for rational thought. Life upon life is a threat to order. Touch death daily. Touch it repeatedly. Touch the plastic inevitable. Repeat and rinse. Repeat and rinse. Touch the motionless. Open your mouth. Release the money. The money comes gushing. The money is fluid, and you cum money. Thank you for shopping at the Necropolis.)

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