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Poetry by Arlene Ang
Music: 'The Gatekeeper' by Ben Tyree
Art: Eros 2 by Peter Schwartz
Undressing As Rehder
His zip catches my underpants,
stops. I am awash with Rehder,

that bluish tone between egg yolk
and dead roses. Robert, I hiss,

for the after-pleasure of saying
You're fired. My mint stamps will never

make his Rumpelstiltskin collection.
I'm used up, a stain of spilt milk.

My Corminboeuf poem
will never be written as long as

Aunt Matilda leaves her dentures
in my sink. The night is wine-stained,

the cleaning tablet effervescent.
I cut my way out of his trousers, strip.

The ripped lace whimpers a siren.
It would never have worked out.

His Katherine never brought me carrots.
Despite my overbite, I am not a horse.

Vomited on asphalt by the dog,
I spill towards black-lacquered toes
behind the fence. I venture: Mommy?
The toes wiggle as they kick me away. I struggle
in the air; the dense smoke-screen. I pass urine
as they twinkle: You were never my kid or your father's.

Flying past the grass, I wonder at the cubism;
the pebbles and gopher stools hidden from view.
The toes turn to heels. Door slam:
You're a bastard. That's truth of it.
Three seconds fall. I land on the road,
waiting for a good set of tires. The lorries
breathe down my slime. I shiver, afraid to decide:
a final death or another mother.

Art: Lipstick by Peter Schwartz
Art: Adoption by Peter Schwartz
The Author in the Third Person

This is highly irrelevant to the absinth: the thalamus has its own rules (unannounced) and tart smell of sadness.

A dedication on the book supplants the original author.

He/ She -- hereafter known as subject -- traverses the hedge maze at Schönbrunn Palace. It is open to the public during office hours while everyone adds curry to the scandal.

The lab mouse is cirrocumulus, curdled milk, a bulk of geese.

Why eschew this self-portrait as if a subliminal process had taken place and saccharine came out of volcanoes (extinct)?

Subject wants cranberry juice, Dolby Surround, blunt scissors, copper blue.

Both selves would like to buy a vowel right now for a flying potato head title.

After hours of polishing the silver, he/ she gets is a reflection: a flat chest that may be epitomized as hairy up-close.

The meticulous sinner always goes back to square one: abduction, Adam, adultery, advance death benefits.

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