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Poetry by Suchoon Mo
'Dance of a Shaman' by Suchoon Mo
Art by DK McDonald
Truth and Untruth

a teacher talks and children pay little attention
signifying that what is being said may be untrue

a teacher breaks wind and all the children are speechless
signifying that what they are hearing is true

Maha Mantra Tantra Sutra

suffering is cheaper by nissan toyota
paint of this world is but a pain in the butt

let your behind be a front bumper
against the ocean of kokomo indiana

open your eyes and close your eyes
shut your mouth and eat noodle

the karma of alabama is ma alaba
sit on a tomato and be awakened

hear the sound of shrimps chanting
mantra tantra mantantra man ho!

I have spoken a great wisdom tooth
rejoice and go home

Art by DK McDonald
Art by DK McDonald
A Miracle

when a dog runs backward
it is god
when a dog smiles
it is a miracle

when a dog runs backward smiling
you'd better start praying
or stop drinking

Under A Cottonwood Tree

when I was there
you weren't there
you said you were making love
under a dead cottonwood tree
because you love a tree
when it is dead and stiff
like a prehistoric penis
of a lover you never had
under a dead cottonwood tree

Art by DK McDonald
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