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Poetry by Suchoon Mo
'Largo' by Suchoon Mo
Art by DK McDonald
Pink Panties

what is that fluttering
on the flag pole?

pink panties

I am saluting
don't ask me why
just blow the bugle

Breakfast Elegy

can't eat any bacon
a soprano is screaming
like a dying pig

the elegy of morning
a glass of orange juice

she is not singing
that faint groaning elegy
which no one can sing

the CD player is working
I fixed it

one CD I bought
shows a woman's white bare breasts
my coffee is cold

a sound of a school bus outside
it must go where it must go

there is a curtain
which hangs over the window
not over a corpse

drifting silence
a still fly on the table

just two of us

Art by DK McDonald
Art by DK McDonald
One Beautiful Spring Day

it was a very beautiful spring day
I was sitting at the top of a Korean mountain
smoking a cigarette
thinking about nothing
indifferent to my exposure
to the enemy observers
with telescopes and binoculars
their eager searching eyes

I was tired
I needed to feel the sun light
to smell the air
to see the sky and the clouds
to gaze over waves of the mountain range
to be at peace
with whomever or whatever

the enemy decided to fire mortars
screaming shells came flying over my head
and blew up in the valley below
the maddening echo of an insane commotion
in such a tranquil day

I finished smoking and watched the show
the futile fury of bombardment
the meaningless sound of explosion
the diligence of inept mortar men
the determination of cross-eyed observers

later I was told in seriousness
they managed to fire three hundred rounds
what was the target and why so many?
I never asked
the enemy fired mortars
that was their problem and not mine
they had a job to do
I had none

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