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Poetry by Suchoon Mo
'Dance of a Shaman' by Suchoon Mo
Art by DK McDonald
The Strait Gate
(after Ko Un)

there is no eternity
eternal bliss
eternal damnation
or whatever eternity

you talk too much
and too long
to yourself
what are you trying
talk eternally?
it is a sign of stupidity
or insanity
or both

strait is the gate to eternal toilet
don't stay there too long
finish the job
and get out
I am still waiting for my turn
and I am full of shit

Noah's Flood And Automobile Repair

disconnect the battery cable
Heidel's scholarly analysis links
the moon goddess
and crank shaft installation
to the Spike River of North New Guinea

when we pause in this saga
install a tensioner shoe of two
turn the cam shaft until
a fisher man finds a robe
and the windows of Heaven are opened

languages are elated genetically
insert an erected bolt into a nut
tighten it to 90 foot-pound
the final prediction of southern hypothesis
inspect the cylinder head very carefully

what seems to be wrong in Noah's flood
is another characteristic of valve spring
the condition of flood fuel tank repair
in contrast to biblical study of right front fender
the catastrophic glottotechnolgy is oil pump driven

eden in the east
a book by stephen oppenheimer
chevrolet beretta and corsica repair manual
by John lacourse and John h. haynes

Art by DK McDonald
Art by DK McDonald
Go To Japan

Japan is a land of mystery
a land of sensuality
a land of aroma
of tea or something of that nature

there is no "l" in Japanese
so they have general erection
municipal erection
village erection
erection everywhere

clearly such erection signifies sin
very original one

there is no "ng" in Japanese
so they sin in general erection
they sin in municipal erection
they sin in village erection
they even sin in church
about the glory of Heaven
and the life hereafter or thereafter
a Japanese can only sin
in Japanese
attracting those who like to sin
in Japan

go to Japan

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