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'The End With No Beginning'
Music by Suchoon Mo
'anorexia nervosa'
Art by
Peter Schwartz
'anorexia nervosa' by Peter Schwartz
The Elementals: Exhibit H

If I name them they’re unknown

Every cell and screw that built our way

together webbed.      The other did not make

A path or way for anything useful

That’s just the way it was

Did I hear you say rain?

Any minute now

Did I hear you say blue?

It was meant to be      white

But infinity crawled in between spokes

And bespoke      Westward, Ho!

Prismatic deception

I call it white      stars and stripes      public trust


White washed

White woolen wishes whirling woe

Whatever punches a hole in The Ideal

I can live without this ideal      bench      boat

System      branch      rat      root      hand      what it offers

The breath is poison

White wings      worlds      whispers

Improvisations      island jails

What I’m afraid of remains nameless

Makes me old and my ass ache

Tongue twitch against the back of my teeth

Chew on wisdom that makes no sense

Tongue twitch      skin itch behind my knee

Letters get smaller      harder to read

White takes over the page      nothing means something

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