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'The End With No Beginning'
Music by Suchoon Mo
'lemon (abstract) vs. lemon (real world)'
Art by Peter Schwartz
'lemon (abstract) vs. lemon (real world)' by Peter Schwartz
The Elementals: Exhibit K

With music

We never talked politics

Free spirits strapped to the wheel by hunger

For expensive passion

The luxurious underground a candy shop

Of unattainable heterodoxies

In a yacht out in the Atlantic      anchored

A mile from Gold Coast.      He watches TV

Believes in masquerade of anonymity

Relaxation.      Seagulls.      And in me

Set designer in theater of poetry

And other absurd movies

Rainbow of scarves pulled from closed fist

Red      white      blue.      Doves from top hat

Toasted bagel      cream cheese      coleslaw

From Epicure.      Cookie monster

Calculations      toss of dice

Accuracy of surreal

Morning fog

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