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'The End With No Beginning'
Music by Suchoon Mo
'prayers for vegas (without a soul)'
Art by
Peter Schwartz
'prayers for vegas (without a soul)' by Peter Schwartz
The Elementals: Exhibit M

I take biblical catastrophes in stride

Float on inner tube down engineered river in rain

A wave machine sends a chorus of delusions

Into ceramic pond

I’m sorry everyone isn’t having fun

Some colors make you sad

Daylight       all night reassures

Get out of bed       take your meds

There are all kinds of fun things to do

Bake walnut      banana muffins

Have a beer       play with the dog

Smile damn you smile!

“Death & Taxes” is not a cliché

Young lady      nor is surrealism

Make your own dreams

Grunts      moans       melodies

Godly affirmations      emanations from The Borg

You get what you ask for whether you ask for it or not

After all, Dr. Doolittle, bird cages keep out pussy

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