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Poetry by Lynn Strongin
'The Blue Dance'
Music by Suchoon Mo
'heaven' by Peter Schwartz

Silvery Bath Mirror

Peter Schwartz

ripples like a marble stallion's withers. The mink's dish is iced
over Popsicle-pale air.
Kate, there is no other.
All slips from touch          silvers over the moon.
More salt, more thirst, a brute
boon.          Blanding Turtle          Rust fox           Musk Ox:           mark
slither over the rim of vision.

Spotted salamanders
in copper dust
swirling tell the time snow milk over them who
link magical things
tells the time:
a grip-slipping fish
the American Bittern
camouflaged with silver catkins          a silk petticoat cascading to stone floor in a moment of
The eye
like the mind
which broke the fiery wheel,
Iris unlock the violet pupil          globe lets go rods & cones, Kate
at the window you look as though you've emerged from Andersonville
all 80 lbs

fighting like Sorra-rail
the bird who generated the expression "rail-thin."
Your voice is strong
but the creature who holds your body & soul together is frailing:
like the reeds it nests behind.

Frost-white floorboards
early American
bleached blouse-linen cream bone.
Like a birthday cake
an eerie icing
yard grows whiter:
our yard filled with robins

The dated blouse keeps you warm.
Despite lung-cancer          you still blow
smoke-rings like silver scarves drawn out of the Magician's top-hat, jet-silk.
separates the slat-boards you sleep between.

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