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Poetry by Lynn Strongin
Music by Suchoon Mo
'the ninth key' by Peter Schwartz

Longer Simpler Childhood

'the ninth key'
Peter Schwartz

          sugarcane, flood-bashed & ruined, dragged down like bodies in the field.
Little gray cells working.           A brother shot in the head with a shotgun. A suicidally twilit childhood

"I'm down to 80 pounds and under my clothes like a starving prisoners from the Andersonville Civil War captives camp. I have a few wisps of hair left, which tend to stick out

the romance of prisoner of war
shot down flying kite-high.           Now on the drug, Tarceva sounding like a Russian princess
in the kitchen door framed by magnolia           their small cigarette burns.

          Ruined sugarcane:
down to 80 lbs hair sticking out wildly:
          Rafters ringing wildly with Amens.

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