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Poetry by Edwin Torres
Music: 'The Extra Terrestrial by Benjamin Rush Miller
'Gehenna' by Daniel Y. Harris


Daniel Y. Harris

Rotate eternity as a ballad
Step into green and wait
River forever for something to say
Come hold the carousel tight with your arms

Hair my streak through your heart
Lie your smell, cheat sense with love
That mandolin is not melody
But water drenching your blue

Hang the moon with glisten and butter
Tension your walk once and then again before
The telling, what would he say, what would you say
Return to the chords waiting at the edge

Know who is warrior when he leaves, who stays
When she goes, be the same when words try to fall
In the waltz, in the alone, where the sun found
His sweat, where the twist found her heart

Impress on the echo the need for again, repeat
Each night three hours at a time, each skin three strokes
On your face, dive in the let me, begin every moment
Remember the falling and catch each again

Go back in the turn, in the green, in the go, find
Where forever is hiding in ripples, look in the center
And throw in one once, someone could be, someone
Could say, wait for your if in the years of his fall

Empty the song full of touch and swoop, not know the what
While waiting for light, twist in the center as the shore lets you go
Float underneath, same in your green, as he fates open armed
As he fills every waltz, dance with his heart as the light lets you go

'beautiful contraption' by Peter Schwartz

In Line With What

'beautiful contraption'
Peter Schwartz

At odds with what heaven must be.
Sharp angle to my height, a question.

Could that be it? A question?
Here on this momentary point, my view is tiny

to whatever answer waits. There is
a rotating shadow circles my pen.

As I write and, all this surface
below me, seems not much for awhile.

Is heaven this solitary? A cave in my brain...
if in it, already? What,

one thing more, makes it heaven?
Nothing here, says it.

No one, my pen, I s’pose
is heaven. Easy this question.

What makes what I have,
a start?

Edwin Torres Performs at The Mad Hatters' Review Poetry, Prose & Anything Goes Reading at The KGB Bar, NYC, on June 1, 2006: See the Video!
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