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Poetry by Edwin Torres
Music: 'The Extra Terrestrial by Benjamin Rush Miller
'old medicine' by Peter Schwartz

The Modern Dinosaur

'old medicine'
Peter Schwartz

maybe to still the nothing
maybe erased
is all we get
maybe ears are all motion
which only gives me more motion

I wish there was
no movement
no noise

I wish there was no moment
no reminder
no tremor-filled awakening
no freedom awaiting
no reach of nowness
no stellar sky without tides

       hands with giant fingers
           roam the earth — no longer
                the promise of extinction

luscious moon
are you still there
untold by who needs telling
lucky moon
are you mirror or light
a false promise compromised

are you this halted start
this taste without fear
are you luminous faith
inspired by time
are you that loud

       mute thunder
              makes me catch
                     more than I reach for
       if I could just
              find what I reach for
                     if I could just
       string my arms
              to gather
                     what dares

I wish there was
no mention
of impossible sound
maybe un is all we get

face this out
feel this fear
pull me out
this fated storm

'motel heart' by Peter Schwartz


'motel heart'
Peter Schwartz

to begin again by holing / do me over…let's crash again, slicer pump
magiced crevice cracked magicer / granite height granted height
this here — what comes out, maybe lesser then imagined / but
how infinite the imagine / once lessered by the coming

what little version of yourself repeats in semicolon / what tiny version of you
looks you in the eye / tells you what you are, what little telling needs…
what helps you see / enraptured butterfly net for verbs — how precious
to tell the teller / what once became imagine

Edwin Torres Performs at The Mad Hatters' Review Poetry, Prose & Anything Goes Reading at The KGB Bar, NYC, on June 1, 2006: See the Video!
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