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Poetry by Edwin Torres
Music: 'The Extra Terrestrial by Benjamin Rush Miller
'tree spirit' by Peter Schwartz

In the Speed of Slow

'tree spirit'
Peter Schwartz

how is the weather and cities, we say, how sky it is
and children, how skin on bones and flesh, we say, here
is a broken man before you, animated with respect

and shared daring, a destiny to deceive what he holds back
as we talk and laugh, if you only knew, we say, that he's broken
in two, and the news and how are you we say, and what's left

is a container for memory and deception, yours and mine
as deceit gathers, underneath the surface of atmosphere, both
yours and mine, where atoms, both of them, position themselves

as they wait for reception, I'm much slower now, we say
the people around me, transformed by static, my skin
open to the speed of slow, sun is my partner, we say

as we graze the ground for fuel, our fingers reach
beyond height, we catch distance in mouthfuls, as everyone
continues at ridiculous speeds, we part the wake, the air behind

fractures in tomorrow, appear today, my legs, we say rubbery
and charged with static, the edge of air reveals itself
my breath, we say, begins again, from childhood to downpour

I could catch bullets if I were that lazy, we say, open raindrops
before they fall, I can taste reflection before its decision, navigate
skin underneath speed, the taste of clouds assumes I've arrived

we say, our ankles warm on asphalt shimmer, we step outside
what's muscle and flesh, the view, an incision from then to wow
my options grow as I slow down, the air I'm in, the one I've left

my pulse is periphery attached to speed, we say,
my body pulled, to the skin of slow

'the fated anchor' by Peter Schwartz

True to You

'the fated anchor'
Peter Schwartz

would you let go
if you knew where
you were going
something, huh...
about falling
and holding on
to what makes you fall
how falling
was the only way
we found each other

Edwin Torres Performs at The Mad Hatters' Review Poetry, Prose & Anything Goes Reading at The KGB Bar, NYC, on June 1, 2006: See the Video!
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