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Poetry by Edwin Torres
Music: 'The Extra Terrestrial by Benjamin Rush Miller
'ikon' by Peter Schwartz

Op the Mistic

Peter Schwartz

and yes, a crucible is a teepee is a mountaintop
in microscopic splendor
a nose is an atom is a tear
in my scope of sweethearts
a yes is an ending
unrelied by movement
ours is a window
unmoved by splendor

and yes, an ocean is a sentence is a pillow
is a kiss in cantilevered flight
a drop is a molecule is an ear
in the ducts of what I miss
a listening for a no
fired by a relentless run
a door
ignited by rain

and yes, a temple is a branch is a forest
trapped by steam
a crevice is a hand is a church
in your catch of quasars
a yes is still alive
arrowed by heart
yours is a flicker
pointing at mine

'abstract comet' by Peter Schwartz

Parallel Seed

'abstract comet'
Peter Schwartz

how come this breeze sounds like me
when I look to the East

how come this same note changes
when I turn to the West

how come the ending is easy
when I face where I’ve been

how come this home changes notes
when I open this mouth

how can the obsolete surface
be mystery’s need

how is the unneed for clarity
the impossible need

what is If and all its patterns
when and family matters

how come anti-clarity becomes catcher
when the unknowing catcher never caught knowing

how does the unsentence know to be read
for the audience that never shows up

when did the boy magazine become
the picture not the boy

how come when I look for what I need
what I don't becomes my mirror

what is direction's intention when fabrication
is all I see

how does the obvious error
become the never seen

how come a step is always followed
by the man without beginnings grabbing for the insect that isn't there

how does the giantness of thingness
become the mis-translated beginning

how come time starts to speak
when I turn to the North

Edwin Torres Performs at The Mad Hatters' Review Poetry, Prose & Anything Goes Reading at The KGB Bar, NYC, on June 1, 2006: See the Video!
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