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Cast Away Unnecessary Layers
by Liz Gallagher

Skimming roof tops will need focus. A camera makes three
revolutions, then suspends in mid-air to portray lovers rendered
weightless. They cast away unnecessary layers and slough dead

skin. Dizziness recreates the sky, lending them aphrodisiacal suns

and stars. Love at zero gravity distracts into lustful hook-ups.
They grow taller, cheek bones become higher and nothing sags.
A heart with weightless blood de-conditions and conditions.

An absence of pressure and they are light-hearted and giddy

in inertia, in a straight line. One lover deflects or stoops
in fore-play and one bobs away in many dimensions: up
and down and all directions. They disengage from the momentary

and the tick of time doesn’t waver. A right angle mirror checks

that time flows differently for those who move. A floating tear
becomes a bursting circle, a UFO in suspension. Two orbits
shift slightly and unaccountably, emotions are incalculable.

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