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Flash Fiction by Rochelle Ratner
'Evocation (Process 2)' (excerpt from Chaos Frame) by Ben Tyree
'Meth Whirlpool'  2007 X-8
'Meth Whirlpool' by X-8
Cops Arrest Woman Hiding in Clothes Dryer

They say a woman's work is never done. She recalls her mother cooking, mopping, dusting, washing, hanging clothes on the line. All those clothespins in her mouth, you'd think she would choke on them. Not her. She might live in a trailer, but it's got a washer and dryer. Not that she has children. Not that she washes much. But she likes, sometimes, to stare at the clothes swirling round and round and round. Damn cops, they think they're so brave and strong, but it's all pretense. What real man would think to look twice at soggy clothes? Fatso slaps cuffs on her wrists, so proud of himself – bet you ten to one he loved to sit on his mother's shoulders and hang his father's boxers on the line, at the same time sneaking a whiff of his sister's nightgown.
Designer creates wall of breasts
'Breasts' © 2007 X-8
'Breasts' by X-8
He's always had a problem knowing what matters to women, but lingerie often seemed a safe bet. In college it was no problem, with sorority girls all but shouting their bust sizes from the open windows. At twenty-five he bought his fiancé a red silk and lace bra too large, only to have her burst out in tears, crying that she couldn't live up to his dreams of her. They broke up the next month, but he'd already been conditioned to start small. The second woman he was serious about threw the gift box back in his face, screaming that he never even looked at her. When the wall of breasts opened at the new department store, he and other men would stroll along the neat silicon rows, feeling now one breast, now another, until they found one that seemed the right fit in their hands. Or just feeling, moving on, and feeling once more. The store was near his office and he returned often, skipping lunch. And when his wife, years later, learned she would need a mastectomy, this was the most comforting place he thought to bring her.
'Surgery' © 2007 X-8
'Surgery' by X-8
First penis transplant reversed after two weeks
It doesn't feel right. And he was the only man she ever held inside her. She never told him that. Those first few times all she could do to keep from crying out was to grip him tighter than any woman ever had. And he loved that, and she learned to love what he loved. Married fifteen years, and they've never stopped loving each other. Then the accident last year. Now this. Transplanted from a man half his age, red and swollen. She can barely look at him. What should have made her ecstatic terrifies. It's almost as if a stranger's raping her. And the doctors, looking on, are so proud.
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