Mad Hatters' Review
Issue 7, February 2007
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Joe Amato
Gunnar Benediktsson
Bob Marcacci
Sally Molini
Michael Neff


Jai Clare
Brandon Hobson
Juan José Millás
  Translated from the Spanish
  by Peter Robertson

Rochelle Ratner
D. Harlan Wilson
G. K. Wuori


Kevin P. Keating


Lynda Schor
Rob Stephenson
Vernon Frazer

Audio Text Collages
by Davis Schneiderman
& Don Meyer

The Memorials to Future Catastrophes Distant Early Warning System

Book Reviews
by C.B. Smith

'The Last Stage' by Jim Cherry
'Walden' by Michael T. Dolan
'A Bit of a Marriage' by Karina Mellinger
'Institutionalized' by Fred Smith & Joe Schmoe
'The Book of Portraiture' by Steve Tomasula


Rich Andrews
Sir Castor Bayley
Tantra Bensko
Crazy Jane
Pete Dolack
Shirley Harshenin
Lockie Hunter
D. A. Eis
Helen Ruggieri


Patriotic Polly
Tristan, Miss Julie & Steve
& others


"The Wrong Roof" Winners: Beebe Barksdale-Bruner, Theresa Boyar, Timothy Matos, Kendall Kyle Cyree & Liz Gallagher
Current Contest "Mad About You" Guidelines

Editor's Rave

Carol Novack


Calum Colvin I & II
Issue 7 Art
Issue 7 Music


Calum Colvin
Lynda Schor

Mental Theatre

Don Bergland

Site Review

'Sein und Werden' by Ralph Robert Moore

Wanda Phipps, Poetry, Prose, and Anything Goes at KGB, November 17, 2006

Film by Joel Schlemowitz

Viva Caledonia
A multi-media showcase, celebrating the cutting edge of Scottish creative talent.

Selections by Peter Robertson

Fiction by
   Alan Bissett

   Janice Galloway
   Anne Donovan
   Kirsty Gunn
   Laura Marney
Poetry by
   Robert Crawford
   W. N. Herbert
   Robert Alan Jamieson
   Tom Pow
   Dilys Rose
   Alan Spence
Play by
   Alasdair Gray

Art by Calum Covin
Music by Peter de Moncey-Conegliano


cover music "A Battle"
by Suchoon Mo

'Lamb' © 2006-07 Camille Martin


cover art "Lamb" © 2007 by Camille Martin


'Lamb' © 2006-07 Camille Martin



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