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Poetry by Bob Marcacci
'Reflection in the Darkness'  2007 DK McDonald
'Reflection in the Darkness' by DK McDonald

electrical whine of subway fans

recital by author




electrical whine of subway fans
dying heat and half-asleep Chinese
cud gum yawn on the greyblue plastic
seat and look around as we rock faster
through the stone tunnel
screech along animal steel
in the inseminating transit
come to a stop
people go in and out
the beast leans and hisses
we sit here still
the same faces
different faces
staring at a shoe
a system map
the reflection in the darkened window

'And Love Ever After'  2007 DK McDonald
'And Love Ever After' by DK McDonald


recital by author




aware of marriage and more closely
after ceremony and done so what
she and me and we do
we done it and run it up this tree
with all leafy green us
in abundance and once upon a time
we like rhyme we tune in us
and well you listen
while we glisten
just us in our nest
our love best and at most
worth boast

here's a toast to you who must
bear witness
where you sit yes
with us and love
ever after

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