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Poetry by Bob Marcacci

'If Not For The Rain'  2007 DK McDonald
'If Not For The Rain' by DK McDonald

diseased to a certain extent

recital by author




diseased to a certain extent
of the time we're all watching
our waterdown fall
without an arms reach just beyond
the city limits

crushed blue breaks another sunset compression
the outskirts of big city sundown
showtime to the sounds of a machine-gun
no machine controls
the waterfall
the purchase of roses

in our element in fact
composed of the element
if not for the rain

'In a Darkness Forest'  2007 DK McDonald
'In a Darkness Forest' by DK McDonald

the scar'est apparition i saw it once

recital by author




the scar¹est apparition i saw it once
bloodaxe in the whole wide
wide word it spoke this
break you with a chop you
like a wooden piece
in a darkness forest with the green-
black light of big and small trees
and i you i mean i call you
in the echo that made silence
all the already silence animal
the very hidden places sound
and my surprised i when i fell in it
howling like was dev¹lish eternal
step over step over pine needles
snapping branches snap snap
behind me it was the light
reflect from steel i followed
no direct direction on
no way the ghost came at me
we i you us our yourselves
and i fell and taste blood and earth
on my lip and hear calls
you feel me you will
still the dark woods around whispered
the quiet whisper of birdless air
axe dancing before me in my head
and dust and musty smell
of the earth
of pine or awful awful

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