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Poetry by Bob Marcacci

'Text Me'  2007 DK McDonald
'Text Me' by DK McDonald

text me

recital by author




i like e-sex
lonely in low living-room light
tapping my alphanumeric flex
on my couch at any hour
i touch myself and my cell
and i know well you are
awaiting me in your new message hell
a veritable swell in cyberspace

we send our words in cellular simultaneity

mine vibrates upon arrival
i wonder what yours does
in my blue-green LCD infatuation
i'm tuned in to your e-station
i wait for your text to come and i go
all e-dumb
for what's next

'Crying Stars'  2007 DK McDonald
'Crying Stars' by DK McDonald

a dog came out of the mouth

recital by author




a dog came out of the mouth
the blueblack sky before man
his faceless head in arms
above the rainbow prayer of silver then orange
burning earth below
not a meal between them but ages
crying stars like a blackbird
making up the whole world

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