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Poetry by Sally Molini
'Katyusha' by Suchoon Mo
'Blueview' by Carolyn Adams

'Blueview'  2007 Carolyn Adams
Land-O'-Plenty Shubunkin

Nothing breathes so well
as my little fish tank life,
its self-protective see-through
will, pink-pebbled with a
sylph or two of plastic grass.
Food dimples the water --
easy to eat and drift as trees
outside wave green fins
of pliant kindness, shadows
floating like seaweed.
An unassuming goldfish
I hold to the current
culture's holographic views,
bubble hope and dread
the end -- a sudden turn, the surface
glinting a sly condescension.
Passage from this world
will be equal to what depths
the mind has sounded.
Scared to see the familiar fade,
I'll visualize my next life,
no scoop net, hooks, or party lines --
oh how strange: loose in the formless
roll of an uncontaminated sea.

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