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Mad Hatters' Review Issue 8, July 2007
Eclectic England

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Fitkin Wall

Using three harps, keyboards, live electronics and pre-recorded sounds, Fitkin Wall takes the intimate and beguiling sound of the harp out of its comfort zone. Composer Graham Fitkin and harpist Ruth Wall create edgy, intricate yet sensual music in which the familiar qualities of these ancient instruments are meshed into a mesmerising new world of pixellated sounds, driving rhythms and scattered beats.

Graham and Ruth have been developing this performance and recording project for a number of years. Ruth plays three harps - Scottish lever harp, Irish wire-strung harp and the buzzing bray harp whilst Graham performs on sampling keyboards, mixes and digitally manipulates the sounds live. Their new album Still Warm is released in July 2007.

  Track Album
1. *Fitkin Wall | Still Warm GFCD060706
2. "
3. "
4. "
5. "
6. "
7. Flak GFCD990901
8. Ironic GFCD000703
9. "
10. "
*Fitkin Wall - the new album Still Warm is released in mid July 2007. It is available from Amazon, itunes, HMV, Virgin and other good music stores.

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