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MicroFiction by Laurence Davies
Music by Steven Kane
Art: 'more beautiful than the cave' by Peter Schwartz

'more beautiful than the cave' © 2007 Peter SchwartzPro Bono


Consider the perils of a scenic highway or worse byway, minor perils of chipped paintwork or dents in some embarrassingly visible part of your hard-earned automobile, and major perils of stove-in headlights, cracked engine blocks, bent differentials, or seriously disjointed chassis, not forgetting damage to eyes, nose, brain, spine, or crucial joints, all this mayhem due to a moment’s gaping at the view, and consider too the inevitable spoliation of nature itself, as in fractured trees, dislodged boulders, brooks tainted by gasoline and oil, noise ubiquitous, wildlife driven to hysteria, and you’ll understand why us folks at the Natural Wonder Company, a family concern since 1981 and a byword in the industry for creative solutions to previously ignored problems, are proud to bring you an electrifying alternative, one that will enhance your experience without endangering yourself, your loved ones, or the natural world, one that has, we boldly claim, a jump upon the future since more and more of us realize the threat of intrusive and distracting roadside beauty, whether of sound as in cascades, sight as in pastures heavy with buffalo, or scent as in wild honeysuckle, one that for a painless, indeed paltry outlay of dollars will bring you, straight to your recliner, a virtual wonderland monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by our expert team of botanists, zoologists, and certified landscape estheticians, so real that you’ll never want to face black flies, unsightly guano, or an unanticipated fender-bender with some rubber-necking tourist ever again.

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