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Fiction by Vanessa Place
Art 'Lilith on the Stairs' by Daniel Y. Harris
'Lilith on the Stairs' © 2007 Daniel Y. Harris





Little Johnny Dumpling, Mama’s gone a-hunting
Little Sudsy sumpking, Amam’s all-a-hallowing
Would you, could you, Daisy darling,
come and frighten the children,
they’re as raw as carrots and corn,
present as absence on Xmas morn.
Might you like to, Daisy pet,
they’ve gone quite purple – stomach upset!
– and they won’t stay where I’ve killed them.
Splintery, stintery, cuttlefish morn,
how I wish I’d never been born,
Mire, sire, scarlet pox
terrible truths in a box
one flew north
one flew south
one flew in the Baby’s mouth
I see you you see me
We’re as as we can be
Mere less
Still less
dans tous azimut
barren of eternity.
O say do you hear,
the chorus of old hens,
The President is very dear
and folly’s made of facts
There’s no decrease in our decease
no harm in our attacks
For as many come in coffins
all the more appeal
For more’ll be forgiven
as souls are put to peel.
Big stick, silly wick, butter in a pan,
Don’t you think me a lovely young man?
Sickle sour, bitter hour, muffin for a man,
I do think you a lovely young man.
Cat cat come under my hat
And I’ll give you advice for free
And when I am slaughtered
I’ll render my daughter,
And she will marry thee.
Bat bat come closer than that
And I’ll give you a vice for free
And if I’m not foresaken
You’ll have both cake and bacon
And be free to marry me!
Three blind sprites, three brined spites
find them, time them, make them be
roll them, paste them,
stick them to a tree
staged under the ancient canopy
hung in our bruit unity
I know you like me
I know you do
if I let you, boy,
you’d turn one and one to two
I know you see me
I know you do
if I let you, girl,
you’d take me home with you

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