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Poetry by Arun Gaur
Recital by Author
Art 'the blue gift' by Peter Schwartz
'the blue gift'  2007 Peter Schwartz


New smooth roads now overlay
the long passages of boulders and crevices.

It is all good, so good,
that time is lost
in the process of finding the new goodness
of short-cuts.

A four-wheeled ten-minute drive to Bala Quila
is all set to give
a new balance to the process of history.

It is a Marxist allegory—
this short-cut to one thousand year old fort;
it is an equation of new economies;
it defines the feats of manhood and history-defying manhood.

This balancing appears to be so easy—
as we are told that there are many differential formulas
made available to us by mathematicians
for reductions.

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