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Poetry by Christine Hamm
Recital by Author
'Fairy Tale Appetite' DK McDonald
'Fairy Tale Appetite'  DK McDonald
'Fairy Tale Appetite'  DK McDonald

Architect of Appetite


the witch doesn't dine very often
      she's a connoisseur

she enjoys how cinnamon sprinkled on the roof
           carries in the air      when the children
           drift in to her yard     they're dragged
by their noses

her mother warned her
           she would starve
           with her delicate tongue

the rest of the family made do with rats and grubs
           the occasional farmer's wife

the witch smiles as she remembers
           pats her belly     bakes a new
           gingerbread brick & stuffs it in
           the corner where her bedroom sags

           she's never been unhappy
with the
           sweetness    the way the flesh sloughs
off the bone boiled in garlic
   water and lemon

though some summer days
   she swears
      the heat in her little sugared house
         will bake her

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