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poems from God Bless
Artwork: Bush/Osama Lipstick and eyebrow pencil on paper by
Debra Di Blasi
'George W. Bush' © 2007 Debra Di Blasi
'Osama Bin Laden' © 2007 Debra Di Blasi
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February 2001

The United States will handle
its responsibilities to keep the peace
by recognizing there are people
struggling to get in the middle class.
We need more power, pure and simple,
to make…the world a more peaceful place.

We live in a dangerous world, a world
that sometimes does not share American values.
There are new threats…that require theater-based
antiballistic missile systems.
We’ve got a shortage of gas and a growing demand,
we have a duty to watch for warning signs.

I hope it worries members of Congress.
I think our nation needs to be wary.
Our first response to evil must be justice.
God bless the United States military.
My plan unlocks the door to the middle class.
My job is to lead. Well, God bless, obviously.



No one is not engaged in this struggle.
Infidels make religious choice financial,
but the martyrs make their faith physical.

Afraid to make their conflicts physical,
America is not fit for a struggle:
their only unity is financial.

Strike America’s heart, the financial,
and its swift collapse will be physical.
It will fall after the the merest struggle.

So the struggle is both financial and physical.

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H. L. Hix
Writer’s Statement

These poems come from a project entitled God Bless, which will be published later this year by Etruscan Press. All passages in the Bush poems were spoken by Bush during the month identified in the poem’s title, and all are quoted verbatim, as they appear on the official White House web site, www.whitehouse.gov. The “interleaves” imitate arguments from the public statements of Osama bin Laden. Only the italicized passages are direct quotations from bin Laden. My source for bin Laden’s discourses was Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama bin Laden, ed. Bruce Lawrence.

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