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Poetry by Karen Knight
Music 'Battle Hymn of Waltzing Matilda' by Suchoon Mo
Art 'It's a Girl-Interrupted Dream' by Brian Hutzell
'It's a Girl-Interrupted Dream'  2007 Brian Hutzell

It's a Girl-Interrupted Dream

The only other way to get a rest in this life is to die.
Annie Proulx - Accordian Crimes.

The inmates love me, they think
I'm a rainbow-flavoured icecream.

Ladies-in-waiting scrub my restless skin
and put away my loved-out jeans.

I get to watch the same Paul Newman
movie           every week.

I read the Penny Dreadfuls
from the one-shelf-library,
stamped 'donated by the
Australian Red Cross'.

I have my own room, with a double-locked
door and all the boiled mutton I can eat.
On Sundays, the anxious ones
show me cowboys and indians
with roast gristle and three veg.

On river picnics I sit with a long-termer
and consider the strength of the current.

There's talk of a cure for this lunatic calm.

Everyone has a lagoon breakout
now and then, their sandbanks
crumbling like halva.

Finally, I'm part of this mad scene.

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