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'Vomit Sketch' by Ben Tyree
'Time Spoiled'  2007 DK McDonald
'Time Spoiled' by DK McDonald

it has no adequate name         but

      i miss it

                                            melodic bonecrack
                                                                             jointsnap in
                                           and out   of place    jubilant expansion puffing
                                 youthful      decrepitude teases       entices      frayed
                       edges        cookiecut        stamped out ragged
                          muscles stretchached in        need of repair
                      rethread the skeleton       fresh tissue elongated
                                               sinew renewed elastic


bird vomit

                                       prettier than most         all gawk and awe
                                                      featherlight and twitched
                               as with     battlegiant eel     and     championship gingerbread
                                          the taste of      time spoiled      by vinegar solids

                                                      caustic soda synching exotic
                      cotton candy feathers     from accumulated food     pinking the body with brine

                                                 flashfried nouns       trip      crisp
                                                    flutter          clean and sharp

                                   picric versatility          lends shape and articulation




                  sugar flicks     lightly crisped
                               butterglisten emulsifying     sonics    sweetslipped    into    green


flax on the bone

                  chemical thinned frames      gristlestrung muscle     tensed fragonard over
                                        slender bone       pointed poseperfect
                      shrivelshrunk  organs   slung in        tasteful crêpe and satin
    lip twitters tumble     trip      cascade     over hip   to   angled toe     snag on jagged knee

it’s all condos these days    but the decorating would be so hohumdrum    i just don’t know what
we should do


     white porcelains     anchor     white linens

                   among the usuals:      goat cheeses      chived
                                                       almonds      stickslivered
                                                       cranberries      dehydrated
                                                       grapes      seedless
                                                       shapely ices      pooling
                                                                                    elegant regularity

  it’s definitely a buyer’s market     but you know the market     as fickle as our wives     hehe
              so you better make your move fast     righto on the double     chief

                                 starburst picklebacks      dainty heaps      chillhuddled
               moulded jellies      hooves cherubbed incandescent      cherry translucence
                                          pumpkin chips      potato dips     etherized


darling     you simply must try the roast     duck smothered     thick     with orange decadence
    aromatic succulence      sweet tart

                                         peppercorn crackers     laden
                      walnutmeats    mashed     whipped    limefluffed
     the number one food

                          caviar clustered     mounded round     congealed frosty
                ovular enticement     tickles pinked palates black     glossy beluga
                                           eggular rumble     twitch
                                   gumbeaded cells      crack embryonic
                    larval fishes fin free from     sprigged parsley     crystalled salt
                         writhe   through   rasps     undissolved    oxygen
                     brush curled lip     before     toothsnap     splits     crushes
                                  tonguetip savours      lastgasp flavour blast
                                       hatch    wriggle    down   peristaltic

wait till the renovations start     i tell you     you’ll never be the same



             flip the b side      baby
                                       quails quiver      in      brandy bathed pear
                                  syrupy braised splendour     dribbles     gathers
            on unsuspicious warble chins      quick nibbles     between     cocktail chatter

flesh so tender your tongue will    flex involuntary     shiver     taught pleasure reverberates


                    beyond the corner carving station

  a french lesson in innards
      coeur rognons tripes
       ris de veau / cervelles / foie

                                    variety organs creamed    in    cucumber boats
                            prettied with   spring watercress   nasturtium blossom
                      sweetbread medallions   spiceflour dredged    coated hermetic
                               panseared      sauced     navy bean veal reduction
                              sweet sweet stomach breads     roll on the tongue
                                             seasons    the breath pancreatic

if you go with the brick façade     chief    you’ll save a bomb on materials     you can’t tell the
difference from the outside     looks solid as a clog      and pretty enough to keep the little lady


   delicate throatcurve      snakes elongated      stretches across silver embossed perimeters
                                 tenderized glands     slashed with citrus rind and zeal
                  toastpoint presentation     quickens thymus ecstasy    throat to throat

before gastronomic enjoyment can occur      gorge sweetbreads must be trimmed by careful extraction of cartilage    tubes    connective tissue     and other tougher or discoloured membranes


Angela Szczepaniak
Writer’s Statement

The pieces here are from a novel (in progress) called Unisex Love Poems: one-sided conversations. It has a loose premise, rather than a cohesive plot, constructed from poems, swatches of prose, and image-text pieces, many of which deal with consuming (food, language, bodies, etiquette…). The speaker in these text-based poems is one of four voices in the novel—butterfingers, a tightrope walker.

I respond to language viscerally, and think of words as solid, tangible – almost like you can feel them on the tongue, savour them. Combining words is exciting—the way different configurations change a word’s shape and density, not just its meaning. For me, language is as plastic and mutable as any medium. Treating it playfully, experimenting with word arrangements, can set up wonderfully non sequitur worlds that intrigue and invite, so that pieces are funny, exuberant, surprising, repulsive…

Once, after first seeing one of the organ-recipe pieces, someone threw up. I was delighted.

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