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'Soliloquy' by Ben Tyree

Pancreas Medallions1

Pancreas Medallions

1 parboil six juvenile pancreas2
2 slice into rounds, head to tail
3 drench in seasoned butter
4 tuck with flour and sizzle
5 invigorate palate pancreatic with
           Lemon squeeze and salt





1Enjoy as a sophisticated entrée sided with whipped walnut meats and béchamel drizzle, or dress medallions down with a festive basket and malt vinegar shower. Handpacked pancreas “chips” will make you queen (or king!) of the pitch at your favourite sporting match!
2To preserve natural juices, retain organs whole for boiling, upon snapping out gristle crunchlets omental tuber bile and other ducts


Angela Szczepaniak
Writer’s Statement

The pieces here are from a novel (in progress) called Unisex Love Poems: one-sided conversations. It has a loose premise, rather than a cohesive plot, constructed from poems, swatches of prose, and image-text pieces, many of which deal with consuming (food, language, bodies, etiquette…). The speaker in these text-based poems is one of four voices in the novel—butterfingers, a tightrope walker.

I respond to language viscerally, and think of words as solid, tangible – almost like you can feel them on the tongue, savour them. Combining words is exciting—the way different configurations change a word’s shape and density, not just its meaning. For me, language is as plastic and mutable as any medium. Treating it playfully, experimenting with word arrangements, can set up wonderfully non sequitur worlds that intrigue and invite, so that pieces are funny, exuberant, surprising, repulsive…

Once, after first seeing one of the organ-recipe pieces, someone threw up. I was delighted.

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