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F. J. Bergmann
Louis E. Bourgeois
Andrei Codrescu
Alan Davies
Sheila Murphy
Jordan Sanderson
Siel Ju


Jeremy M. Davies
Rosemary Jones
Martin Nakell
Stefani Nellen
M. E. Parker
Yuriy Tarnawsky

Creative Non-Fiction

Rachel Weiss


Jeff Crouch & Christopher Woods
Charles Freeland
Kyle Hemmings
Janis Butler Holm
Louise Norlie
Jim Spitzer

Wit & Whimsy

Ashley Kaufman
Rob Reynolds

Audio Features

Penn Kemp & Chris Meloche
Michael K. Meyers

Audio Text Collages
by Davis Schneiderman &
Don Meyer

Jesus Epidemic

Featured Film

In & Oz by Steve Tomasula

Book Reviews

'The Case of the Lost Objective (Case)' by Sheila E. Murphy
'xiii' by J.D. Nelson
'Settlement' by Martin Nakell
'Like Blood in Water' by Yuriy Tarnawsky
'Retelling' by Tsipi Keller

Foreign Feature
Translated from Portuguese by Guest Foreign Editor, Peter Vaudry Brown

Brazilian Writer Roberto Drummond


Rich Andrews
Sir Castor Bayley
Tantra Bensko
Domenick Capobianco
Pete Dolack
D. A. Eis
Lockie Hunter
Rae Desmond Jones
Carol Novack
Helen Ruggieri
Fatima Shahnaz

Comics, 'Toons & Parodies

Keep it Weird by David Lineberger
Coconuts by Phil Nelson
Patriotic Polly by Carol Novack & Phil Nelson
Tristan, Miss Julie & Steve
The Fuck You Guy by Marja Hagborg
& others


Video Contest Guidelines
The First Combination Special Video Contest
"Mad About You" Winners: Phyllis Jean Green, Catherine Berg, Lise Whidden
Contest "Interior Design" Guidelines
February 15th Deadline!


Michael Hafftka: Featured Artist Gallery
Issue 9 Art Gallery
Issue 9 Music Gallery



music "shapeshifter"
by guthrie lowe

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'Toxic Garden' © 2008 Janet Culbertson
'Toxic Garden' © 2008 Janet Culbertson
'Toxic Garden' © 2008 Janet Culbertson
'Toxic Garden' © 2008 Janet Culbertson
'Toxic Garden' © 2008 Janet Culbertson
'Toxic Garden' © 2008 Janet Culbertson

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