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Music by Paul A. Toth
'Executrix (Black Veil)' © 2008 X-8
'Executrix (Black Veil)' by X-8

We Never Say Never

Not much bigger than a pinhole
at the recurved base of her skull,
one focus of which is occupied
by the perception of distant light;
from the mechanical viewpoint
perfectly reasonable, but other
divinities have arisen from vapor
and opening clouds. We're used
to getting odd communications;
look closely, but don't touch
the man behind the curious veil
of suspended belief—that's not
the point. Let us imagine a point
moving on a straight line, away
from a previous origin: what's left
of those tiny black beads suggests
what an executrix is supposed to do;
there's probably a waiting list
already. How tempting it is then
to reveal the hidden movement
of interlocution, gently oscillating,
a blessèd thing anybody could do
in the circumstancial, determined
to brighten, with devastating effect.

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