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Music by Paul A. Toth
'Slave Skeleton'  2008 X-8
'Slave Skeleton' by X-8

Viewing the Prospect

They were dressed alike, to be thenceforth
used with a great deal of distance,
I don’t know exactly what from.
When everything was in readiness

they repeated their arguments
and would indeed find it difficult
to be constantly enacting and reenacting them
with a pocket nutmeg-grater.

That congenial employment necessitates
the existence of a slave.
Impossible that those possessed
the hazard of running.

It is very careless of mother;
her age and inexperience was
trouble absolving her from every stain,
a yellow liquid unknown to science.

You never draw any skeletons;
I am quite sure I should have,
with an Oh! before every line,
though I have seen you today already,

pretending not to have adventures.
We were very curious to know
the notion of how it fared,
since it came from close by,

and then we perceived
the bottom of the strange experience
lying there beneath;
soon it would be submerged.

The thing leaked outrageously.
I liked the home under the ground,
which happened to be a small one.
Diminished by silence and trembling,

incompatible with the functions
now devolving on me, blue sleep
came upon me without chagrin,
the window still standing open.

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