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Music by Guthrie Lowe

'Auschwitz & The Summer of Love'  2008 DK McDonald
'Auschwitz & The Summer of Love' by
DK McDonald

Auschwitz & The Summer of Love

I was the last austrian to write that novel
when I added gender I won the Nobel
suffering and injustice
the alleviation of
is literature’s only value
unless one values
the pure escape to a place
so impervious to cruelty
only a very tall hierarchy
can breach it but it never will
because we have buckets of oil
burning and ready to pour
on the first head we see over the wall
I do value that sort of thing
I made a kit of it I’m selling it
it’s a pop-up castle in a book
“we are constantly under attack”
andy warhol c. 1974

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