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Poetry by
Alan Davies
noise composition 'Srings Spinny' by
Austin Publicover in response to work by Alan Davies
'The History of Falling Things'  2008 Carolyn Adams
'The History of Falling Things' by Carolyn Adams

For you'n

Ing thing walker and ding
as all that were then then over thing er
biut that ‘n all were taken den
feur ten then the we over oden

                 but en

and the then en

sling sluck over slend end oven sluck fend
aall ‘s ist tend end nd the than that end
such ‘n for t ‘en sloughing is the enden oder
frickin zie zen send of the lader glend (blend

affer en tend that than t as ifffer ‘n ox en
butten end der offen comp ent sliffen pren d
as ifferen war dem immen then diggen don


                                   sring en

and dem ringgen man alden sloften ring
sliffen den stroffen non sleepen no ohoh den
well weeren weren often thinking offen ofen

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