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Poetry by
Alan Davies
noise composition 'gu pow milk' by
Austin Publicover in response to work by Alan Davies
'Nirvana Calling'  2008 Carolyn Adams
'Nirvana Calling' by Carolyn Adams

My thinger are flinglets

I’m admitting this over harlets
and then the trallings of the things that fling
as that is were the then of the e slets

If only there were harlots over then thing
and that that were the more slinger of that then
but ‘n all is sloughed ‘n that ‘n that’s taken
down the slide of the side of the then then (you ‘n

But slick likes lick to the what of the slake for ‘n sale
over the slop harbor that ‘n then was the that ‘s ‘n all
such ‘n ‘n at am is em all of em is ever goin’ to em gettem

But slides is the them going own the down slick over live ‘em
waken um gettin then that that is all that’s getting up ‘n
such ‘n ‘em is gotten to be the then is all them that’s in thrall

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