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Poetry by
Alan Davies
noise composition 'maNtid uld nEpot' by
Austin Publicover in response to work by Alan Davies
'Given'  2008 Carolyn Adams
'Given' by Carolyn Adams

slackened and then bitten

slackened and then bitten by what was token
or taken from the toke of the ticken one (go with it
for there was erring on the side of the sluffen
whether there was sluffen or erren we not knowen

one n onen (that there be heraldable parts of the two n
from then on to the frown that is separating the town
for n alten is a onen (againen (from the train window
to the other train leaving town (in the long long rain

as it weren there were comin down again (in (again
there being chairs for the slingin from the then to the then
slowing down again (and the again (from the slown pain
that’s bein drain (as it were again (again (but not again

that’s the part that laughters to the faf rafters (with
the mistakes la left in to represent the pain (for there is
is (was (is pain (and that being the grain (gain (of the two
that were longen to be bitten (slain (or (or slain (for

we were thinkin of the passen of the train (that day
down the rails of the railing slain (with the bitten drain
-èd one (with the down casket on the way ‘n (bein ta’en
to the slayen of the frain (the slim slacken drain o ‘en aen

one (never one (no never n (no never one (not one again
the dreat drearth taen to the groun of the slain footen one
that’s theat o (that’s that one in the earth groun again
frozen (slowen to the moan of the passing of the gone train

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