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Poetry by
Siel Ju
Variation of Swing Slow Sweet Chariot by Suchoon Mo

'Idee Fixe'  2008 DK McDonald
'Idee Fixe' by DK McDonald

From The Alice Series

[alice watches sunset]

the sun puckered, watching.
who cares for you, alice taunted.

eyes closed, alice smelled
the city as a proxy for love.
people sweated, groped each other on the humid streets.

then alice smirked:
you're watching me.
your mouth tenses, open and mute above these letters, this face.
a slave to machines.

this book, too, is a machine that opens.
you've been taught to move
left to right, top down.

she readied for the onslaught of leaves.


'Idee Fixe'  2008 DK McDonald
'Idee Fixe' by DK McDonald

[alice watches sunset's relapse]

yesterday the sun set.

alice watched it, pink frosting, lurid and sticky with atmosphere.
it went out altogether, like a sugar cube in tea.

she thought: well. after such a fall as this.
how i wish i could shut up like a telescope.

but alice almost remembered feeling a little different.
i shall be punished for it now, i suppose.

this was just the beginning.

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