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Whatnots by
Charles Freeland
Music by Paul A. Toth
'Art'  2008 Brian Hutzell
'Artwork' by Brian Hutzell

The Indictment of Galileo was Rational

They show up with news on their lips as if it had been tattooed there. By an apprentice not long for his field. If we object, the walls move a few millimeters, but that’s it. There is no long-running feud to record in our journals. Just a few minutes to reflect on why we always end up in situations like these. How the vaccine might have made a difference if the patent hadn’t been delayed. The alternatives seem just as grotesque. Just as likely to send us wandering, alone and miserable, through the alpine forests. Our ankles swollen to twice their normal size. Our memories stirring themselves like paint. Until we can’t tell anymore where we came from, which village houses people with our same name and triglyceride levels. And which merely seems familiar because the children there vandalize houses on the outskirts with bricks. Bless, then, the idle, if you are inclined to feel hopeless, to brood. If you wish to analyze your fondness for pecans, and those foreign students who would like nothing more than to change everything about themselves. To become so much a part of the surrounding culture, they no longer answer to their own names. Preferring instead to adopt that of the state of Montana, for instance. Or the capital of the state of Montana, should that prove easier to recall.

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