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Whatnots by
Kyle Hemmings
Illumination by Peter Knoll
'her toxic side'  2008 Peter Schwartz
'her toxic side' by Peter Schwartz

The Last Meeting

She entered a {--} room that was dark so dark as dark you could make it the voice shot through a speaker maybe in the wall a scratchy transistor-like quality emanating from car radios on the blink or not properly tuned it was Q she knew it was Q she knew his voice even over tiny wires and conductors and resistors she knew his voice the way she once memorized psalms sitting next to her mother whose face she could no longer recall with total accuracy & Q told her to place the envelope on the table in the center of the room she need only take a few small steps to her right and that was the table she pulled the envelope from her pocketbook and looked up at the ceiling from where the voice appeared there was a silence she felt nervous & edgy & {--} wondering if he would cast more demands or would he stay loyal to his promise that this was the last payment & she would be free of it all "It's a cruel world, isn't it," he said, his voice somewhat breathy & tired "Yes " she said "It's a cruel world" she could hear the tapping of fingers through the speakers "And there were once clouds weren't there" "yes she said "there were once clouds" "and the sun & the trees" "yes" she said "the sun & the trees" "Clouds" he said "yes" she said { } she could hear him sigh from somewhere above "I guess this is goodbye" There was { } then she walked along the long dark corridors & pressed the button in the elevator to the ground level then it was sun then it was the passing of bright red & blue cars then it was September then it was rose and sepia hues in late afternoon she knew it was nowneverever over she knew it would hurt for awhile but she would go on she would go on because there were clouds there was sun

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