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'Mere Formalities'  2008 DK McDonald
'Mere Formalities'
DK McDonald
'Mere Formalities' © 2008 DK McDonald  

Jump-Rope Jingles



Somewhere a volcano sputters golden molten song. Fluxus ruckus. Filaments flare. Inside's outside, all around the crown. Ash-splash, sizzle-drizzle, spitfire desire. Is your lava lyrical? Amber-embered chasm spasm, igneous core. Cinderella a cappella: Rock my world.


The universe is quite subversive, so the story goes. Revivalist ventriloquist, rhomboidal packsaddle, Mannerist banana kiss, foofaraw fright. Looky, looky, jump-rope rookie, cock-a-hoop with lingual hooky. Language is desirous in the boroughs, all right.


Do you melt in sweet surrender? Viscous crates of jellyfish make me think of ruin. Monody, prosody, rhapsody, parody. Now enter stars and indigo mood. Are you an audient? Embody cunning oddity. If Montparnasse is out of gas, what's a girl to do?


Notion devotion. Lingo-jingo bingo. Edifices crumble as differences apply. Make up, shake up, test the parapraxis axis, riddle with your fiddle-faddle. Fetishes belie. Not in Kansas, Port Aransas, Perth, Alberta, or East Angus. Ozzie's losing Harriet. My, oh, my.

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