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Whatnots by
Louise Norlie
'December's Experiment' by
Benjamin Rush Miller

'Poete Maudit'  2008 DK McDonald
'Poete Maudit' by DK McDonald

Poete Maudit

Both magazine and perfume, he in lowly station portrayed the middle of himself repopulate in verse shot rapidly with beloved mother and fire's breath. Lyrical his journey past spiced lips, bloody arrest, rioting abuse, clairvoyant bourgeoisie. Odd sculpted fey, accusations (scandalous, shocking), including who in spirals with behavior vagabond and outrageous waxed poetic. Quoth he: now (then), was there a yesterday? On the acropolis a muse holds a garland and a dove. Below with huge plumes marches each foot first. But a black cape is and was no parachute. Genius shrinks to abbreviation, expands from remains in howls of stroking groans, continuing when loudest. These impostures will abide. Each day blossoms, wormwood shivers, trails into irony. Within green calmatives are more pills, half open (enraging), spilling over (enlightening), and white candy packets (embalming). Gods greatest as author becoming, purple verses such savages deplore.

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